Environmental risk Assessment of treated wastewater reuse in irrigation:

Created at:2018-05-01

Prepared by:sru

Case Study: Abu Rawash area, Giza Governorate The aim of this study is to evaluate the environmental impacts on water, soil and plant in the area surrounding Abu Rawash Wastewater Treatment Plant in North West Giza. The study area starts from Barakat Drain which flows into Abdul Rahman Drain and then Al-Remal drain, which finally pours into Al-Rahawi Drain. The study presented the environmental risks and pollution levels due to the random and illegal reuse of treated wastewater that comes from Abu Rawash plant consequently flows to Barakat Drain and then be reused in irrigation. Moreover, conducting a prospective study that makes a periodic evaluation every 3 months for the crops grown in order to take into account the seasonality of the plants.