About SRU:

SRU cooperate with MWRI, NWRC Institutes in developing an ambitious plan to investigate the various alternatives and scenarios for the implementation of the Integrated Water Resources Management concept.

This plan supports decision makers in drawing sustainable water resources strategies using environmental, socio-economic, food security, and gender aspects for the efficient management of water resources.



SRU extrapolates, through a strategic perspective, the expected problems related to water resources management and development facing decision makers on the long run.

SRU carries out certain types of applied research that supports the planning and management of the different water resources in an integrated and comprehensive approach including the environmental, social and economic aspects.

SRU studies and evaluates the feasibility of new technologies and trends used in the fields of water resources management, planning and development in Egypt.

SRU studies the future challenges and the impact of regional variables to develop future vision and strategies for water-related risk management and crises.


Strategic Research Unit is looking forward to the future with a promising and comprehensive vision to keep up with the up-to-date strategies supported by the latest international technologies

Scope of Work

  • Extrapolation of the expected problems and obstacles that facing the decision makers over the long term.
  • Creation and identification of the high priority research areas in order to support the planning and management of water resources.
  • Analysis of issues related to the integrated management of water resources (supply and demand) from a comprehensive and integrated strategic perspective.