Socio- Economic (Water User Associations)

Assessment of Water User Association in Egypt with Respect to Water Management (WUA) jointly with Italian Department for Development Swap Program. WUA Carried out a comprehensive data collection program through selecting representative WUAs in different locations, Analyzed collected data, and Drew action plans for improving the performance of WUAs in relation to water management.

Water & Stability Project (W&S) jointly with CARE Netherland. (W&S) advanced social cohesion and stability (inclusion, fairness, effective use of water and protection of the environment) amongst the irrigation water users and between the users and the Government of Egypt

Mainstreaming Gender Dimensions into Water Resources Development and Management in the Mediterranean Region (GEWAMED) jointly with European Union. During its five years activities, GEWAMED Established a web site, Developed a national & regional information system on gender issues, Improved cooperation & dissemination of information among partners and organizations through the National Central Focal Points in the SEMR Countries, Increased awareness towards the importance of gender issues in the water sector and Adopted policies & strategies that incorporate gender in the management of water resources.